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The Brave Little Toaster is about several household items that go on a journey together including a: toaster, vacuum, lamp, blanket, & radio.  They travel together on an adventure to find their master after being left by him in a cabin in the woods.  Along the way, they encounter many different obstacles and troubles, which make for a really great story.

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History of The Brave Little Toaster

the brave Little toaster was released by Walt Disney pictures back in 1987. It’s a story about many different household appliances that have the ability to talk and go on adventures. What’s interesting about this particular movie is that many of the original members of Pixar animation Studios helps to create this film. For example, John Lasseter actually helped to create this movie.

When this movie was first released, it was limited to only select theaters. It didn’t have a large showing the way other Disney movies have such as “Cinderella.”  since being released in the theaters it has become a popular home movie. Two other sequels have been released as well titled, “the brave Little toaster goes to Mars” and “the brave Little toaster to the rescue.”

The Brave Little Toaster Storyline

the brave Little toaster is about five appliances including a radio, a lamp, and electric blanket, a vacuum cleaner, and a toaster. All five of these appliances live together at a cabin in the countryside. Every day they anxiously await to see their “master” who is a child but they have not seen in a very long time. The more time that passes the more they start to feel a sense of abandonment. They start to get really scared when a real estate broker eventually stops by and places a “for sale” sign by their cabin. This leads the group of appliances to decide to go on an adventure in hopes of finding their Master.

third venture takes them from their log cabin in the countryside to the big city. They have a lot of amazing experiences and learn the importance of being able to work together as a team. At different times during the movie the appliances realize special abilities or skills they have which benefit the entire team. There are several close calls during the movie where several of the appliances come close to not making it. But ultimately, they escape all the dangers they are confronted with and eventually find their master

My Thoughts About the Brave Little Toaster

One thing to keep in mind about this movie is that it may not be a good fit for every kid. Most Disney movies have some sort of villain in them that can be pretty scary. But the brave Little toaster has some scenes in the movie that are especially dark, even for Disney standards. There is a scene with a dying flower that is emotionally pretty intense.

There is another scene where a truck actually commits suicide. Technically, some may argue that he didn’t commit suicide but we are dealing with some gray area here because we are talking about a cartoon vehicle as opposed to a real human being. But even just to imply that he’s committing suicide in the cartoon makes for a pretty mature scene for most kids to be able to handle. ultimately you can decide how you will handle a possible conversation about this with your child or children.

There are some positive themes throughout the movie such as what can happen when a band of friends come together as a team. There is an emphasis on teamwork and being able to help each other overcome obstacles. They are are also plenty of entertaining scenes and I think many kids will have a few laughs while watching this movie.

The Brave Little Toaster Laughing

I think this is one of those movies that has a lot of nostalgia value. I think there are so many more modern movies  available today that kids will probably find more entertaining and less emotionally draining. Even though this is a older movie that came out in the 80s, it is now readily available on DVD. If you are interested in purchasing the brave Little toaster there are quite a few good deals online. Click here to find the best deals online and to see if the brave Little toaster is on sale.

The Brave Little Toaster Movie Reviews:

The Movie of My Childhood

The Brave Little Toaster will always have a special place in my favorite movies. I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger. At one point, around the time I was 12, I felt like I was “too big” to watch the Brave Little Toaster. I was really full of it at that age. When I was 15 I watched it again as a nostalgia thing, and it really reminded me of how great it was.

The simple animation gives this movie a certain feel that not many cartoons have. The music sequences are excellent, and not cheesy like many other cartoons, and for a kids movie…

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One of my FAVORITE Movies!!

This movie was one of my favorite ones when I was a young child, but even now I can still remember without being told that I watched it many, many times. I loved it and I don’t think I’ll ever forget The 

Brave Little Toaster simply because it was such a great and memorable little movie…

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