Best Places to Watch Free Kids Cartoon Movies Online

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Here’s a list as well as reviews of the best places to watch free kids cartoon movies online.  All of these are places you can go and watch for free.  Enjoy!

Cartoon Network

An okay site, especially if you’re looking for a place to find clips of cartoons from Cartoon Network.

Pros:  Several clips and some full episodes featuring cartoons from the Cartoon Network.

Cons:  Site pages can take a while to load because there is so much going on.  You feel like you’re doing a lot of searching to find something good.  There’s not as many full episodes.

AOL Cartoons

The site seemed to have quite a bit to offer but I was pretty disappointed that several of the cartoons were never able to load.

Pros:  A pretty good selection of full-length cartoon episodes.

Cons:  Several of the videos never actually loaded (though the ads loaded just fine).  I was also surprised that there was a “Smallville” add that ran before each cartoon that included a brief scene of girls undressing in a locker room.  Though there was no nudity (obviously) it was still something I don’t think would be appropriate for kids to be watching.


This is a pretty good site.  It’s pretty easy to get to the cartoons and they load fairly quickly.  Mostly classic cartoons (ex. Bugs Bunny, Popeye)

Pros:  Easy to access videos. Full-length videos with out ads. Good source of some of the classics like Bugs Bunny.

Cons:  Older videos so it may not appeal to everyone.





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